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This year we will be using Tapestry as our online learning Journal provider. Tapestry is an educational online tool which allows staff to observe, evidence and assess how your child is learning at Nursery. Tapestry will be used by all the keyworkers and updated with photos and comments made by the children on a daily/weekly basis.  


Due to Tapestry being an online learning journal you will be able to access it and see what activities your child has been involved in at Nursery. Tapestry will allow you to comment on observations that have been added by the staff and will also allow you to add photos/comments that your child makes at home. This is really useful for us to get an all-round picture of your child’s interests and how they learn. To further support your child’s progress, next steps will be added under some observations. These are activities, skills or games that can be completed at home and at Nursery to continue your child’s development, alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  


Due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus it is important that you are able to access your child’s Tapestry account. This is because Tapestry allows keyworkers to add activities/next step information for your child should they not be able to attend Nursery. 


To access Tapestry you will need to login with a secure username and password so you can view all your children’s observations, photographs and videos.  


As part of the Nursery information pack you will have completed when your child started you will have completed a consent form for your child to be added to Tapestry. We will then have added your child to Tapestry and will have set you up as their relative. You should have received an activation email from which you can then set up your own password to login in. You will also be asked to set up a 4-digit PIN which you can use on the Tapestry app to quickly log back in once you have initially logged in.  If you have not activated your account please let either myself or your keyworker know and we will arrange for another activation email to be sent to you.


We do hope you enjoy using Tapestry, do let us know if you have any questions about it.  

If you have not received a password please see Mrs Keen.

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