Meet our staff:

Mrs Ann Taylor - Head Teacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead and Special Educational Needs Coordinator)


 Mrs Lorraine Keen - Office Manager


Miss Jean Burke - Pastoral Manager (Deputy DSL)

                 Sunshine Room Staff (3/4 year olds):                                                             Rainbow Room Staff (2 year olds):


Mrs Sarah Wilkin - Teacher (Deputy DSL)                                                                 Mrs Emma Cox - Room Lead - Teaching Assistant Mrs Shahida Afzal Teaching Assistant (Mon,Tue, Wed)                                       Mrs Ruth Thorne - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sue Nicholls - Teaching Assistant  (Mornings)                                                Mrs Charlotte May - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Sue Charlton  - Teaching Assistant (Wed, Thurs, Fri)                                    Miss Emma McNamara - Play-worker

Miss Michelle Prince - Teaching Assistant  (Afternoons)                  


            Mrs Lizzie Phillips - Room Lead- Teaching Assistant

                                                                                                                                           Mrs Bonnie Lee - Teaching Assistant 

                                                                                                                                           Mrs Paula Shaw - Play-worker 

Lunchtime Staff:                                                                                                             Building / Site Maintenance Staff:

Mrs Beryl Cragg                                                                                                               Mr Stephen Hawkes

Mrs Denise Reynolds                                                                                                     Miss Lisa Fitzpatrick



Pecuniary Interests - Nil Return 

All Staff have a nil return