COVID19 Information

From Monday 8th March 2021 all pupils/ children are expected to return to Nursery.

Currently have 3 bubbles in our Nursery to keep our children and staff safe. They are as follows:

Rainbows bubble 

Sunshine - Green Group

Sunshine - Blue, Red and Yellow groups.

As part of our risk assessment we have to keep our bubbles apart from each other including dropping off and collecting

your children. Below are letters which give you details about your child nursery session including start and end times:

Rainbow Letter 8.3.21.pdf

Blue Group 8.3.21.pdf

Green Group 8.3.21.pdf

Red Group 8.3.21.pdf

Yellow Group Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 8.3.21.pdf

Yellow Group Full Time 8.3.21.pdf

Yellow Group Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8.3.21.pdf


As an extra safety measures we are asking parents\ carers to please wear a face covering when on the school premises unless you are exempt.

May we also please ask that only 1 adult comes on site to drop off or collect your child.


If you or your children develop any of the Covid19 symptoms and is therefore tested we would ask that you please let us know. You can contact us at enquiry@edithcadbury.bham.sch.uk



If you need any further information please  email us - enquiry@edithcadbury.bham.sch.uk , use the contact us section of our website , send us a message via Facebook or call us on 01214753098