Health and Safety:


Drop off Morning and Afternoon:

Please ensure that your child remains under your supervision at all times whilst waiting for Nursery to open.  There is a busy main road just outside the gates, please be careful. 

All children are to be dropped off at nursery using the main entrance through the car park. The Sunshine children (3-4 year olds) will be collected at the main entrance. The Rainbow children (2 year olds) are to be collected from the side entrance on Somerford Road through the iron gates.

Entrance Doors: 

For the safety of all our children and staff it is essential that you always close the entrance doors securely behind you.  Parents are not permitted to open the doors to other visitors, this must only be done by staff.  Please remember that these rules exist for the safety of your children.


Car Parking:

Parking is not permitted on the school grounds for parents, unless you are registered as disabled.  The car park is solely for the use of staff, visitors or disabled visitors.



All Birmingham Schools operate a strict no smoking, alcohol or drug zone; this includes the school car park.  



Please be advised that dogs are not permitted on the Nursery site.



Pushchairs can be left outside in the buggy shed at the side of the building by the main entrance, but are left at your own risk.  Please remember the corridors must be kept clear as they give access to the fire exits.  Please do not leave young children or babies unattended outside in prams, buggies or cars while you are in the building.


Use of mobile Phones:

Mobiles phoned are not to be used when inside the Nursery.


Administration of Medcines: 

We follow BCC/NHS policy regarding "Medicines in School".  If your child is prescribed antibiotics and you need us to administer them, please see the Head Teacher who will ask you to complete the relevant paperwork.  Your child's medicine will need to be in the original container and box, clearly state their name, date of birth, required dosage and date prescribed.


Sickness and Diarrhoea:

Please be advised that you child must not attend school for 48 hours following sickness and diarrohoea.